What we do

We employ a multidisciplinary approach to help people, organizations and governments making the transition from a pre-covid, linear and destructive world to a more equitable and sustainable way of life and operations.


Well, check the news. We assume it’s obvious. Things have to change.


  1. Practical: agro-consultancy for sustainable agriculture ?
  2. Helping farmers with a plug and play Permaculture system
  3. Food forest promotion, design and implementation help.
  4. Financial: advice on and investment in green initiatives ?
  5. Informational: making complex information digestible for all ?
  6. Public relations: marketing campaigns and promotions ?
  7. Political: helping policy makers make better decisions.
  8. Draft policy and position paper writing.
  9. Journalism: doing research and investigative journalism, OSINT ?
  10. Legal: advising NGOs and individuals ⚖️
  11. Acadamic: scientific research, writing and publishing ?

Together for a more happy, healthy and equitable planet!

We hope you are with us! ??❤️