Our Story

Globther, short for GLOBal THERapy or togeTHER started in 2018 out of the idea that something was wrong with our world. 

People on one side of the earth dying of hunger while on the other side there raged an epidemic of obesity and diseases fueled by over doing the things they don’t have on the other side. 

The climate was getting visibly out of whack

Ecosystems all over the world were under pressure 

Every day tons of chemicals leaked and were dumped in our natural surrounding 

Every minute whole swaths of rainforests disappeared 

Barren deserts replaced lush nature all over the globe at an alarming pace 

Our plastic waste formed a new continent in the pacific 

And the list goes on and on. It became clear to us that something was extremely WRONG with our way of life and the way our systems were designed. 

A sick environment causes sick people and healthcare was thus also overstretched all around the globe and even in rich parts of the world, or maybe especially there, people were not happy at all. Depression and anxiety hit new record highs. 

And as people go to therapy for these symptoms I thought this is all just patch work, if we really want to solve this mess we have to send this whole planet to a planetary shrink. 

It were ambitious and probably crazy thoughts for sure. But times were crazy and the thinking was big but so were the issues so It seemed suiting. 

Seeing our capital was not that big and the plan far from clear (apart from: “things have to change”) it initially started out rather humble. 

Things like using our study allowances for online campaigns for NGOs who worked on these issues was nice but we felt there was way more to be done. 

Moving away from profit 

So an investment fund was set up. Pooling capital and investing it in green and social projects.  (Without profit incentive!) 

We soon saw that agriculture was a big player in both our global dis-ease and as a cure. People need food that’s evidently true. But the way in which we mostly take care of that now is damaging the world around us. 

From self centered to synergy and from plunder to restorative 

So we tried to analyse old and new agricultural and life practices which are not destructive but actually beneficial for the environment. And it was rather surprising to see that the puzzle of how to do it wasn’t that hard. It was more puzzling to see these best practices weren’t employed. 

And so finally we arrived at the core of our business: reducing the friction of the implementation of best practice agriculture. 

Be it:

-Legal: advice and research

-Financial: advise and investment 

-Informational: informing and making complex information digestible for laypersons

-Public relations: marketing campaigns and promotions

-Political: doing research journalism 

-Acadamic: scientific research, writing and publishing 

-Practical: agro-consultancy for sustainable agriculture (Permaculture, Food forests etc. etc.)

Whatever the specific obstacles in problem areas are concerning transitioning to a more sustainable world: we aim to take it away. 

Offer plug and play permaculture systems for farmers to turn agriculture around from mono to permaculture and from destructive to restorative land use. Helping no longer only companies making a profit but doing something good for us, the world and future generations. 

Financing projects, organizing crowdfunding actions or do marketing campaigns for projects which meet our ethical standards. 

(Green, equal, ‘democratic’)

Revealing corruption and conflicts of interest in the political domain with thorough investigative journalism. 

Helping organizations, governments and even individuals make the transition from this pre-covid linear and destructive world to a more equal and sustainable way of life.

Whatever it takes to make this world a better place. 

We hope you are with us! ? ? ? 

-Team Globther