Agriculture is broken..

Agriculture is broken..

Countries like the Netherlands are often touted as examples of good agriculture. Even with a minimum amount of space the country is exporting record numbers of food. But this intensive form of agriculture, the pinnacle of our industrial farming methods, comes at a huge cost.

Biodiversity is decimated and huge amounts of fuels, fertilizers and chemicals like pesticide are being pumped in continuously to keep the system going. Now big corporations want us to believe that more of these same methods and other forms of high tech will solve these problems and extract even more from the earth.

We at Globther think this is a dead-end and that modern agriculture has to go through a new paradigm shift. If we focus not on extreme monoculture and mechanization but instead on the age old wisdom of companion planting, and other permaculture principles, we can have both a flourishing economy as wel as a healthy ecology. In that way we can make sure that food is not only safe and secure for us but also for our children and grand children. 

The posibilities

Switching monoculture system to the regenerative systems of permaculture and food forests will drastically shorten the supply chains and come with enormous benefits to both humans and the planet.

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